Friday, December 19, 2008

Hours Before The Flight

Several hours more and i'll be boarding my flight to UK. It would be close to a day of flight inclusive of transition... and thats how long i need to travel half around the world. Lets just hope i wont be bored to death.

Passport... CHECK!
Tickets... CHECK!
Luggage... CHECK!
Cash... CHECK!
What else did i miss? Hmm... *think think*

I guess i'll use another number when im in UK, so my 016 will be out of service. I'll paste my contact number here when i got it. Hmm... guess 016 aint the smartest choice afterall. LOL. I'll be back by next year, 10th January 2009. Anyway, i update my blog when time permits.

Till then... HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone~~


PhoeNieTam said...

yOyOyO...happY holidays...

ps: (>.<) jealousing you can countdown Xmas And New Year in UK

Dann said...

Hey, happy holidays to you too. Do enjoy ur trip with them. Faster go settle your passport, i bet its going to be fun.

P.S. I still remember someone said she's going to help me to clean my table while im away in UK. I wonder who is it... =P


confessions of a medical student said...

wow! UK this time~~ see you happily traveling all the time! you enjoy yourself and have a safe trip ya! :)