Monday, December 22, 2008

Reporting From Newcastle, UK

Greetings! Im now in Newcastle, UK. Just landed yesterday and it was quite a busy tiring day considering im travelling almost a day (due to further delay in my flight because of technical issue faced by the captain).

The weather here is kind of cold (its now 7 degrees out there), and i must say, the sights and sounds are pretty much different from where i came from. The classic building structure, Old England, cool climate, trees... everything seems so... argh... mind-blowing! LOL.

I aint gonna be writing much today, a little exhausted, so im gonna take a rest soon, tomorrow another full day travel. Sorry but no photos were taken, need to get couples of batteries tomorrow as well.

Alright, before i sign off, here's my number in UK, +447551935640. However, do bare in mind that im 8 hours different from Malaysia. For example, right now your 22nd Dec 6.30AM going to be my 21st Dec 10.30PM. Got it?

Till then, keep in touch. =)

Signing off,


PhoeNieTam said...

yOyOyO...cold cold there...wear more clothes...don earn extra income by showing your sexy body... the way...uncle fish and i jz got our passport...

Stella Lee said...

hey...must b seeing lot of pretty ang mo gal le..? if can snap some handsome ang mo gu ya! hee...

Dann said...

Phoenie: Cool. Guess you can start to prepare for your trip already. Next time do include me in the loop, well, choose the date when i can travel with you all. I'll surely participate. =)

By the way, my @$$ aint too pretty to earn me pounds. You wanna buy? :P

Stella: Hey sis! Yea. Hope i'll remember to capture some nice photos of handsome macho guai lou. LOL.