Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sweet Escape

That was a sweet escape... ES-CA-PE!!! *phiew*

Today i came to realize that my car driving license was dead!!! Well it not exactly dead, its expired. It wasnt much a big issue considering everyone's driving license would expired one day and have to renew. Else you're driving at your own risk.

Now here's the fact:
Fact #1 - My driving license had expired for 5 months. I repeat, 5 MONTHS!!!
Fact #2 - I went to my company's branch at Kulim, Kedah in October for work.
Fact #3 - Attend my colleague's wedding last weekends at Sungai Siput and Ipoh, Perak for food hunt.

And the best part of all, i didnt got caught. *innocent*

So at 9.45AM, i skip my breakfast and went to JPJ to renew my driving license. It only took up around 5 minutes to get everything done, starting from my waits until my new driving license is processed. That's very efficient. But it cost me RM30 per year. Looking inside my wallet... 3 years. Since i escaped 5 months and with some math, i saved RM12.50. LOL.



As for now, im now very hungry...


confessions of a medical student said...

5 months late!!! wow!!

you should have renewed your license for 10 years instead of 3, since u so forgetful..

if touch wood, your car kena bang or scratch, (like what happened to me that day), how to claim insurance??

how darn lucky you were...

Vince Yeoh said...

Bro, I should say I'm so 'lucky', someone with expired driving license fetched me... Swt

Dann said...

ShinYin: My wallet only allow me to revew for 3 years. Dont have enough cash and they not surprisingly doesnt accept cards. LOL. Lucky me.

Vince: I guess im one lucky bastard. Dont worry, you too will be lucky when your next time me. Vince just got "luckified"... =)