Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dark Side Of Facebook

Recently i found out that Facebook wasnt really goody-good-good after all. Referring to an entry posted by one of my friends, here are 7 reasons to justify the statement.

Do you have Facebook?

1. Your friends on the dark side, whom you'll never introduce to your family, may stalk your little sister.

2. Your ex-gf(s) may blackmail your current gf. Your current gf may learn about your ex(s).

3. Your future employer, after browsing your drunk-flirty-whoring-around photos, may decide not to give you the job.

4. You can run, but you no longer hide. Even your boss will know whether you took MC for real, or was it up to something else.

5. Your parents will add, and become a friend of your friends. And you better hope the friends of yours won't upload any inappropriate photos, of yours.

6. Your boss will know, if you surf Facebook during office hour. Your parents will know, if you skip school, whether you're studying or feeding your fluffy pet in the room.

7. If you are having multiple relationship, or homo/bi. You'll have problem when any of them declare a "in a relationship/marry/going out with" status.

*None of the above are my concern because im clean. Well, except the, *ahem*, surfing during office hour thing... Oops.

Side note:
Its very DANGEROUS, i repeat, DANGEROUS, to have your boss(es) in your Facebook account as a friend. Especially those in upper management. Cause it restricts and rules out your so called little entertainment during office hour. Plus... every movement and motion is being closely monitored! There goes your freedom, you can now wave goodbye to it.

You log in into your Facebook on daily basis. Like a routine, everyday. Of a sudden you saw a little icon of "New Friend Request" on your top right corner. "Who might it be?", you ask happily. Could it be your long lost friend during those days where you're still using milk bottle? Nice. Could it be your new mate where you met in the club last night? Great. Could it be your secret admirer? Wow... better still. Could it be your buddy where he lend you his underwear when you were so poor? Err...

Of all the odds you have in mind and possibilities you had calculated, there's one group of peoples you dont want to have for sure. That is your boss(es). Even if it is, its going to be one in a million.

Not too soon after you clicked on it, you are landed in your worst nightmare. Now the next question is, should you, or should you not approve your boss(es) as your friend? A huge dilemma. If you approved, your total friends counter will increase. You got a friend. You're not too happy, but your boss is. But if you dont, you might be rated as anti-social. The not-so-good impression comes in when he/she starts to wonder and ponder why you rejected the request. You never give face ah? What more choices do you have but to forcefully and reluctantly approved... *sigh*

Your license of roaming in office is being taken off. The photo of you in a club or party you gone to last weekend is being uploaded by your friend and you were tagged in it. Dropping by and kaypo about your relationship status. Ask you for guides how do you managed to excel in Word Twist. Well, its good if they tag along with the fun. But as we all know, not all are too *ahem* friendly.

And the best part of all, when you post, "Dann is bored to death" in your Facebook, you better hope they aint gonna reply with "Have you completed your project? =)". With a smiley emoticon just beside the question mark. Yes, it might be a gentle reminder, but when you think of it, stress leh.

I know there's someone dropping by at this site occasionally, but i regard that person more of a colleague than a superior, though she's my boss. I enjoy working under her. Hahaa. A good boss mah. Im gonna be leaving it ambiguous, better not mention the real name. However, none of the above did occured (yet), well... so far so good. Touchwood.

Just hoping that the other *ahem*, wont be able to find this entry. Again, this is just my blog where im free to voice out my state of mind. A space of my own, my little niche. Last but not least, do feel welcome.

So, still Facebook?


confessions of a medical student said...

you forgotten the 'my lecturer added me on facebook part'... where he left his comment: shouldn't you be studying?

Shu said...

Lol dear summore post the link to your blog on ur facebook profile main page! Luring the 'unwanted visitors' in to comment?

Joyce said...

LOL DO NOT ADD UR BOSS AS A FRIEND! not a good idea. worst idea of the century. i heard of this thing b4 from my brother. HAHAHAHA

PhoeNieTam said...

hehe...jz finished pak tuo with FB...
so come in to walk walk while drinking my coffee

Dann said...

ShinYin: Wow. Luckily, mine still doing well so far. No comments. Clean sheets at the moment. Touchwood. By the way, GOOD LUCK in your exams!

Shu: Well dear, comments make me happy. LOL. It doesnt matter if he/she read it. Cause at least in this space, i could have my freedom of speech. But i seriously doubt he/she would have the effort to visit my blog. Even if he/she does, i guess this entry would be on several pages after.

Joyce: Looks like your brother and i are in the same boat. Hahaha.

Phoenie: Coffee! And indirectly, we happen to know that there's someone roaming around the sites while in the office... =P

Vince Yeoh said...

That's the reason why I didn't add my manager in facebook, haha...

Dann said...

Vince: Bro, you were lucky...