Friday, March 20, 2009

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 1)

It was 2:00AM when our journey to Thailand begin. Our van was quite luxuries, considering by the height of it. 9 of us. Oops, there's not a single photo taken with all 9 of us together, but we got some which are rather unique... Here's our foot.

guess who is who...

from left: EngHoo, Dann, Stella, Sultan (Koed), Phoenie, Hamba (CS), Jessie, KG
photographer: YeanPin

Basically there are 2 things the Thailand drivers are good at...
1.) Pressing the pedal until it reaches 140, or so it seems.
2.) Overtaking whatever vehicle in front of the van, even when the driver cant see whats at the opposite road when going uphill.
Despite of the danger, we could still find some comfort in the van. Some were sleeping, some were listening to their mp3 players, and some were talking about ghost stories.

We reach PakMeng around 8 in the morning, 9AM in Malaysia. It was then something caught my attention. "In case of earthquake, go to hight ground or inland". Hight ground? Where does that come from? Shouldnt it be high?

no wonder tourists are facing problems communicating with the locals

our Sultan (Koed) who is selecting his guntik from the catalog...

our breakfast

Had a quick breakfast and get ourselves ready in swimming costume. Hopping into our speedboat, we then set to Ko Rok. Ko Rok is one of the many islands that have numerous of sea corals and fishes. We saw Nemo (clown fish), swordfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and lots more sea creatures. Oh yea, i also saw a lobster hiding in between the corals.

the sight from PakMeng just before departure to Ko Rok

on the speed boat
this is me, first time snorkeling leh, got angpow bo?

Many people were camping at Ko Rok when we reached. There were tents along the beach; hammock by the trees; foreigners sun bathing and swimming, and some were playing sepak takraw. We had our buffet lunch. Look at the Thailand's cuisine... YUM YUM~~

paise, was too hungry to smile at the camera

9 of us at Ko Rok

I also saw a kodomo dragon, but sadly didnt have any camera with me.

After Ko Rok, it took us around 1 hours 30 minutes to reach Phi Phi Island. With another 1-2 kilometers of walk, we then reached our hotel. Its located quite some distance from the town. Its towards the inner ground, with some hills and some climbing to do. There's a dam in front of us, trees behind us... it really give us the feel of vacations, away from the hectic city life and huge piles of workload. This is what we called, holidays.

welcome to Phi Phi Island, beautiful isnt it?

read the last sentence, FCUK THE BIG MAC

It was around 5 in the evening when we checked in. Me and my roommate, EngHoo, decided to go for the fan(tastic) room. We felt it would be great to experience something more towards the locals, and since all of us are under budget (except for our Sultan), its rather cheap. Its just 800 Baht per room. And we walk in...

As soon as we opened our door, we're just landed into a sauna! The room was so hot, even the fan doesnt prove useful. EngHoo went for a shower, while i start to unpack my belongings. After its done, its my turn and sadly, NO WATER!!! WTF!!! There's water, but because we were living quite high above the sea level, the generator is having a problem pumping the water. Im stuck with a towel for 30 minutes. KEK AH!!!

After everything, we had our dinner. Walking around the town looking for food. Something economical; something that doesnt cost too much.

some sight seeing

Then go back to our sauna room and call it a day. Lack of sleep, minimal rest, everyone is tired. And that sums up our day one. Stay tune for day two, it would be much more interesting.


enghoo said...

Take ah!
This trip really pushes us to limit!
snorkeling, shopping, climbing, laughing, bad-wording, hokkien-ing, acting, singing (cai gei wo liang fen zhong), photographing, video-ing, jumping, eating, tanning, sun-burning, flight delaying and lastly flying and landing safely!
So many surpises from start until the last moment!

PhoeNieTam said...

Never regret to join this trip...
Enjoy every moment in Thai very much...Dunno where is our next trip?

Shu said...

Omg.. why do I see topless dear... then bottomless dear...
>_< nononono.. must censored!!

Dann said...

EngHoo: Its like a package that includes everything you could ever think of. A great trip for 9 of us.

Phoenie: Yup, so does me. With there might be some hiccups along the way, but i enjoy each and every moment of it. Truly a magnificient holidays. Next trip? Not sure. Lets save money first. Hahaa... But one thing for sure, we all need to go somewhere to stamp on our passport again!!!

Shu: No dear, i wasnt naked. There's still a swimming trunk with me. LOL.

Phuket Hotels Thailand said...

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