Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Before Thailand

It could not been a better start of the day with Arsenal FC squeezed into the Champion League quarter finals after a dramatic 7-6 penalty shoot-out win over Roma at the Stadio Olimpico.

There had been a scream of penalty when Marco Motta went down under the challenge of Gael Clichy, but the referee wasnt amused by it. Many said its was a great match (considering both sides didnt capitalized their chances well), home ground at Italy is always difficult. Even before the game started, the notorious hardcore fans of the AS Roma stabbed an Arsenal fan. As for me, i only managed to watch the penalty shoot-out. Got to download the highlights later.

1st Arsenal penalty taker, Eduardo. It didnt surprise me much, considering what Arsene Wenger need is a strong mental strength, and this player, Eduardo, has it all. After a devastating injury last year Feb that resulted a broken leg, he's back with a BANG! And he looks like he hasnt been away for so long. But sadly, what surprise me was, he shoot was blocked by Doni.

5th Arsenal penalty taker, Denilson. I was like, "Huh? im what state of mind did Arsene Wenger had? Did he ask too much from Denilson?". But it went though, and its in the centre of the goal post!!! Swt... But still, im happy to see Walcott, Nasri, Toure, Sagna and Diaby scored their spot kick comfortably.

And when Tonetto blasted his shot over the crossbar trying to aim for the crows at the rooftops, he just granted Arsenal the tickets to quarter finals alongside with Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. All 4 Italian's club were eliminated, and that shot from Tonetto, looks dirty to me. Anyhow... Arsenal is through to the quarters, last eight.

Arsenal FC in away jersey

Apart from soccer, finally admiralLeo was crowned with Zakum helm! It was a surprise that my dear got me when i woke up this morning. All i could do was continuously, "ARGGGHHHHHH!!!". Too happy i suppose. Hahaa. Though i've now seldom play that character, but its always nice to have such a helmet. Its like a boaster pack that stimulate continual training. Thanks dear!!! In case you were lost, its MapleStory im talking about. LOL.

She is now down with sore throat, flu and cough. Take care and get well soon dear. Gonna be missing you...

Another thing is, im leaving for my Thailand trip with my colleagues tonight, or should i say tomorrow morning. I got to take a rest now, need to wake up as early as 1:30AM. Thailand, here i come!!! Till then...

Au revoir

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Have a nice trip ya!