Monday, March 23, 2009

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 3)

On our third day, we took some photos before we say goodbye to our hotel. The landlord even asked us to spread the name of the hotel and introduce more people to it. But sadly, its opposite here. I strongly wouldnt recommend you to go to PP Golden Hill. Unless you wouldnt mind to stay, suffer and struggle through the nights and days without water, intense hot and heat in your room, and with accompanied by mosquitoes. Its pretty nice from the outside, but not on the inside.

this is where im staying

We had our breakfast at one of the local restaurant, though our breakfast doesnt seems local. With our baggage packed, we checked out and then set sail to our next destination, Phuket.

our breakfast

at Phi Phi Pier

cruising to Phuket

at one of the Phuket's port

We arrived at Phuket Rassada Port and jumped straight into the van. It drove us around. Hop in and out from the van, ask several hotels for the price near Patong beach, try to look for a reasonable rate. We checked in, freshen up a little, go out for lunch and some walk.

at Patong Beach

me and CS

Our hotel is quite okay, much cheaper than the one in Phi Phi. Somehow i've forgotten whose idea is it, but we end up look for another hotel to stay for the next day. Some place better and more comfortable. Plus, the air con in my room doesnt function too well.

At around 6PM in Thailand, we all dress in our best for Fantasea. Its like a show with dances and stuff. Something like Moulin Rouge, though it wasnt that grand. There's no can-can girls dancing, but its some synchronize dancing. I guess everyone enjoyed the show. No photos were allow to be taken inside. The package also include a buffet dinner and its like dining in a palace... Upon entering the main gate, its like we are in Disneyland... Lovely.

dining hall... its like we're in a palace!!!

During our dinner, the we had the most laughter in our meal. Its like every word or sentence that comes our from our mouth is something worth a good laugh. We laugh so hard that we end up bloated, and didnt managed to consume some of the dishes. LOL.

our buffet dinner in heaven, there's clouds behind us

the guys...

twins... suddenly we looked so gay. lol~

After Fantasea, we went back to our hotel and decided to take a walk at Patong. After sometimes, we walk into a road, which looks more like a street party. Suddenly we wonder, "Why are there so many guys holding hands?". It was then we realized we are in a road where all the homos gathered around. The clubs inside are all men!!! Some were even wearing only tight white boxers and dancing around. 9 of us quickly walk out of the area then. Hahaa.

As we walk further down the street, we reached another happening spot. Unlike other place, this one is filled with peoples and tourists... and its also filled with AhGua. Another word would be lady boy. They were pole dancing. Yup, AhGua doing pole dancing and all the sexy sexy moves.

After that, we walked back 2-3 kilometers to our hotel and rest. Its been a day.


PhoeNieTam said...

of cos look gay la...
same clothes, same necklace, same short pant length, ... omg (dunno same underwear bo?)

Dann said...

Phoenie: Coincidence nia. LOL.

enghoo said...

Fantasea there really fantasy! We shouldn't waste our time earlier...
We're the most 'noisy' in buffet dinner....Take ah!