Sunday, March 22, 2009

Phi Phi Island & Phuket (Day 2)

On our second day at Phi Phi Island, all of us have to wake up 7 early 8 early... for breakfast.

this is how our breakfast looks like

someone is playing with his food...

After filled our tummy with loads of food, we all decided to have a boat tour around Phi Phi Island. When i heard of snorkeling, i was like... AGAIN AH! With capital letters and a huge exclamation mark. Nearly drown on the first day, guess i was too panic. Putting on our swimming costume, here we go again.

the fishes eating our expensive raisin bread...

The seawater is so crystal clear. Its like a paradise... and im slowly starting to enjoy snorkeling. Dear all, thanks for the courage. Hehee. Along the way, we get to know a new friend from France who's traveling alone, and i suppose her name is Karine. Bonjour We then moved on to Bamboo Island. To our surprise, we could not find a single bamboo tree. Our lunch was pretty normal, just another next door fried rice.

welcome to Bamboo island

photo with Karine, third from left

Dann in his JUMPING SHOT!!!

We had a great time doing our jumping shot. Plenty of cheers and laughters. We have Sultan scratching his armpit while jumping, eiuuuu... Hamba with his martial art demonstration in the air. Phoenie with her kawaii jump. LOL. Here's are the photos taken on our way to Maya Bay.

swt... no comment, no comment... =x

Okay, we then reached Maya Bay. Do you that the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, was filmed here? The sand is far more beautiful then what there is in Penang. Soft, white and minute. A place that you should not miss out.

After an hour or so, its about time we got off from the bay. On our way back, we stopped by sea, watching sunset. So beautiful...

We got back to our hotel and get ourselves freshen up. And when its my turn to shower... WTF!!! No water again. KEK AH!!! How could i not angry leh? Its like whole body was purely salty and forced to stuck in between the bathroom and bedroom. Now because i was reluctant to wait, i went down to the staffroom's toilet and shower. Its quite eerie though... =(

By the time im done and walked to my room, the water supply came back. KEK AH!!! And i shower again... On our way for dinner down the town... it RAIN heavily. Wet again. KEK AH!!! What an evening, but it as fun. LOL. Running under the rain to look for food.

Thats sums it for our second day in Thailand.


Stella Lee said...

there is 1 photo dat prove sum is drowning..haha...:-p

Dann said...

Stella: Paise... you said take a photo with all jump up from the water mer, so KG push me down so that he can jump higher. Look at his face, so happy. Hahaaa.

So that's me, drownin... LOL.

Vince Yeoh said...

So nice, I want to go also... How much is the entire trip?

enghoo said...

Day 2 island hopping and snorkeling is the most 'TAT'. 500 baht plays whole day! Some more u managed to overcome ur fear....and started to enjoy the miss the good times............