Monday, March 30, 2009


Should i be prescribed with medicine?

I've been going through sleepless night for couple of days now. I could only rest my body, but not my mind. Each time i close my eyes; my mind would begin to wonder around. As far as things are concern, im not experiencing astral projection. Im afraid to try it either. Would you tuck me to sleep?

Both have equal hours under their sleeves, but the night seems to be getting much longer than the day, or was it the day who flew faster than the night? Storms in my head; rains in my bed. Irregular heartbeat. Troubling thoughts; seeking reasons; making believe. Tired mind; swollen eyes; hidden truth. Would you still tuck me to sleep?

Looks like the omen is true afterall...

My sis once said i was getting too hard on myself. Trying to be responsible for everything that happened, taking blame when things doesnt go the way it should be. Pretty true i guess. Learning to let go. I stumbled upon a comment that somehow lift my day a little. It was from the other indecisive Libran.

just remember that everything happens for some reason
and sometimes, it's for the better
like this morning, i was taking a break from studying, and i end up here
so i could offer you a pat on your shoulder
and tell you that there will be sunshine after the rain
you just have to let the rain pass...

Thanks for reading, none of the above are real. They were just illustration from my mind. And no, i dont need medicine.

Im just in a crossroad, which i dont know where should i go... Afraid, confused, without a roadmap. Lost my sense of direction. The consequences of bearing whatever circumstances that come what may, or the path where i'll be finding it hard to let go. Is it really there, somewhere on the other side of hard work, faith and belief? And beyond heartache and fear of what lies ahead?

Crash And Burn, anyone wants to sing it for me?
And when its over, i'll breathe again


Joyce said...

hmm... i guess everyone have to pass through this stage multiple times in life. just that the degree of severity varies. choices. such a short and simple word, but behind it lies such a huge load on the shoulder. to be or not to be... hamlet was faced with such dilemma too at that time. well, i do hope that in ur case, it will have a different ending compared to his. but looking at the bright side, choices are what make ur life interesting hmm?
i'd like to think that it adds color to my life, like how the road less taken may prove to have better things awaiting, and how much fun i would have to walk in the rain compared to being under the umbrella. maybe i would get a cold or a fever afterwards, but hey, i'm young, we're young, and we can afford to take a calculated risk and fail. and damn those that dare to laugh at us when they themselves do not have the guts to take a risk.
take it easy okay? everyone is allowed to make mistakes. don be too hard on urself, and u will realise that there are always a good thing in every bad thing.

Dann said...

Joyce: 100% agree with you. Im very much the one who enjoys running under the rain, probably thats why i seldom use an umbrella, unless its really necessary. Like how i described in my trip to Thailand, there were twice i ran under the rain. Had a good time though, soaky wet. LOL.

The Road Not Taken, written by Robert Frost. Its very much a poetry that brings many impact in our daily life. Dare to be different. As for the ending, its far from what i can see, neither could i foresee.

I know what i should do; i know where should i go. I just need courage and determination. I had enough, its time to let go and move on. Its something i had to be responsible to myself.

As for the future, come what may...

confessions of a medical student said...

Insomnia, it's very common.. 83% of our population suffers from it... (okay, i made up that figure) but it's only normal to worry over things that matters... i liked making myself really tired before i fall asleep, hoping for a dreamless night, shoo-ing away those nightmares...

well, from a medical point of view, sleeping pills can help, (or sedative flu medicine) only take them when you need them... other alternatives are hot chocolates, aromatherapy, a comfy fluffy pillow, miraculously, they all can improve sleep..

from a friend's point of view, you need to relax and slowly resolve what's bothering you... decisions lead to decisions, one road leads to another..

i agree with joyce. the road less taken may prove to have better things.. we'll never know the surprises in store for us... Robert Frost made his point clear.. i took the road less traveled by, and that had made all the difference!

the toughest time was DURING the time, living it,.. bear in mind, tough times are short, tough people last forever... and Dann, i believe that you are tougher than you think...

pull yourself together and stand tall again, rise! take care~

yours truly, the other indecisive Libran ^^

Stella Lee said...

Yes, it is there, u just need to believe it, work hard on it, never give up and stand there strong,that better thing will come to u...:-)

Mr Gin said...

Time to play football....

H e n r i c k said...

Come join our Badminton! Damn, last night our Carbonex team was not around. LOL.

Dann said...

ShinYin & Stella: Thanks for the encouragement. Appreciate it. ^^

Gin: Yo Gin, great to have you around. Miss the futsal we once had. Gather around those football kaki, and we'll have a match or two. =)

Henrick: LOL. Carbonex team rocks. How random the name was formed, but it sounds rather cool. Carbonex. Will join again sometime soon.