Saturday, July 12, 2008

988 At Gurney

I was at Gurney today, did some shopping and not to mention, spend quite some money. Im happy with that i brought though. But unlike those money could buy, guess what have i spotted?

Ladies and gentlemen, its Kenji Wu Ke Qun!!!

He was there singing one of his hit singles, Nan Yong (Male Servant). Its always nice when you're able to meet your idol. The 988 made an interview among those artists coming for tomorrow life party at AutoCity. Its going to rock the house!!!

I guess i was a little late though cause i miss out Da Mouth. Yup, they were there also. It was said that their band are like the Chinese version of Black Eye Peas.

Back to Kenji Wu...

the 988 stage at Gurney

The stage looks cool. Totally beyond my expectation that they would set up a stage outside Gurney. The weather was cool and breezing. Just perfect for the night like this.

Kenji Wu and Tai Pou

Kenji Wu

After the departure of Kenji Wu, come along Weng Yi (Vincy) with her latest single, Xi Huan Yi Ge Ren Hao Lei (Loving A Person Is Tiring).

Here's my friend, Vince, taking photo of Vincy. Hmm... Vince, was that your sister? Cause both of your name looks alike. =P

Vince and Vincy

Weng Yi (Vincy)

Question. What do me, Vince, Vincy and Kenji have in common?

Answer. 4 of us have our birthday falls on the month October. 6, 13, 16, and 18 respectively. That makes all of us are Libran. =)

She's Tai Pou, the 988 deejay. I must say, she could really talks a lot. Im definitely impressed watching her and her non-stop speeches through out the show. Its like she had all of it under her fingertips.

...and dont you think she's pretty?


Vince Yeoh said...

Dann, thanks for taking the photo. Well, if Vincy is my sister, then i "fat tat" already... Haha!

snowie said...

Ehh.. Last year this time oso Kenji went Gurney lerr. I saw him there too! Hehe. But he is not very tall lor. Unlike u. Hehe.. =p

Dann said...

Vince: If you're gonna "fat tat", then i suppose i'll be having lots of her CDs with autographs. ^^

Snowie: Wow, you could tell im tall? We havent even meet in person (yet). Tall... Hmm, i'll take that as a compliment. =)

Vince Yeoh said...

Dann, i guess i have to disappoint you dee... Well, i have a sister, but not Vincy. If you want her CDs, then you have to buy yourself dee... Haha!