Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Bed Sheet... MOO?

My mom always has a new way making fun out of me. I mean, really!!!

This morning, i wake up to find this new bed sheet on my desk. And the best part of all, this is the design... =x

moo moo bedsheet... KEK AH!!!

She then said this to me with a funny looking expression, "You're an ox. So i guess it suits you well. =P".

Of all the patterns and designs she could possibly choose from, she got me this. How old am i? 23 by year. But no matter how old i am, im always a child in their eyes. I wonder if i should be sweating looking at my new bed sheet.

But its been years since i last got a new bed sheet. Plus, its already worn out and needed to be replaced. So my mom who was at the market this morning, make the best out of it, while im sleeping like a pig in my room... =x

On second thought, it looks cute doesnt it? Reflecting the me born under the year of ox. As for the green, its good for the eyesight. Mooo!!!

She's the one that prepares meal for me when im home after work. She's the one that clean my room when im lazy. She's the one that sew my torn socks. She's the one that keep the family safe and harmony regardless of any problems. A pillar of strength. A place to call home for all of us.

Too many times we take things for granted in life. Thus, im taking this opportunity to thank my mom for all the things she had done.


Hmm, sometimes i wonder... was it my mom or my dad who influenced me with the sense of craziness. LOL.

Listen to mother's words, don't let her get hurt,
Want to grow up quickly, so to take care of her.
Beautiful white hair, growing inside happiness,
Angel's magic benevolence within (her) gentleness...


Vince Yeoh said...

Dann, nice bed sheet, suit you the most, haha!

Dann said...

my nickname, milk... =x

PhoeNie said...

haha...this bedsheet...very ngam little boy...haha...

enghoo said...

kek ah.....gina.....mine one is time will took the pic with N82 n show u....:P

H e n r i c k said...

Moo Moo Dann! =)

By the way, my own favorite bed sheet is Teddy! =P