Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Live On 988

Today, 2nd July 2008. Another day to mark on my calendar. It's my first time live on a radio!!!

988 Radio

It was the usual morning where im on my way to office. A beautiful Wednesday morning in fact, a turning point of the week. Tuning to 988, that's 94.5FM in Penang, there's a session called "Pat Tong Sai Nam" (North East West South). Its when they ask about the questions you could hardly think of the answer.

Here's the question for today...

"HELLO" is the common first word to say when you answer a phone. However, who invented that word?
A.) ???
B.) Isaac Newton
C.) ???

Notice that there's ??? at the choices of answer provided? It's because i could not understand what they said. *shy* Yea, im not afraid to admit im kinda banana man, and there's no big deal about it. Plus, even without the ABC given, i still know the answer at the back of my head.

Banana... you got a problem with that?

Thus i dialed 04-40420988, but no one is picking up the phone. Sigh. Well, no harm giving another try... so there's me again dialing... tooot tooot, tooot tooot, and then...

Ah San: Hello, 988 ha lo chou san, ngo hai ah san, cheng man lei hai pin wai?
Me: Hie, 988 yao seng sao sek chou san, ngo hai Danny
Ah San: Hai Danny, tap ngon hai pin yat kor?

And this is how i answered... =x

Me: Tui em chu, ngo keh kong tong wa em hai kei hou, tan hai ngo chi tou kor kor tap ngon hai Alexander Graham Bell!!! (Im sorry, im not very good in Cantonese, but i know the answer is Alexander Graham Bell)

I guess i stunned that DJ Ah San for a while. LOL. Moment later he said i got it correct and the answer is A. Then he ask me to wait for around 30 seconds for the advertisements to end, which i patiently waited...

Soon enough, im on air!!! LIVE!!! No delay or anything. Everyone in Malaysia is hearing me through 988. The stammer me, hao chat chat, had a small chat with Jeff (my favorite 988 DJ), Ah San, and Tai Pou. Answered the question correctly and they gave me 15 seconds to make my dedication for the next song!!! All of it live on air.

So... for those who miss it, here's the song that being played. Download. Meaningful song and its one of my favorite as well.

There wasnt any prices for today's question, but i already got mine. =)

Once again, thanks to 988!!!


Vince Yeoh said...

Bro, u r so lucky... 'gong hei' wo... Hehe!

PhoeNie said...

wa...wat time wo?why i din hear Didi's voice de...?

Dann said...

vince: thanks. beginner's luck i guess, first time calling into radio station. =)

phoenie: hmm, it was like 7:15AM. you was listening to 988 also? btw, mai call me Didi ler...