Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Morning After Rain

How do you define a beautiful day?

This is how my morning looks like... The golden sun emerges behind the tall buildings. Even though it rains the night before, the clouds would make way for the beautiful dawn to begin its day.

A new journey; a new chapter.

And that's me... stuck in the traffic jam. =x

"No matter how much is the pain,
There would be sunshine after rain.

Sounds familiar? Hahaa, i used to comment those words of encouragement. And there you have it, far better than sunshine...


All of the photos in this entry were taken on my way to office from my baby W810i. Come to think about it, i guess i need to install Photoshop. Stamping trademark on my displayed photos. Hmm... who's kind enough to lend me the installer?

How do you define a beautiful day? Its beautiful when you think its beautiful.


PhoeNie said...

haha...i also got took the rainbow yesterday morning and also on the way to office...but the different is i using k810i...
hehe...i got the installer for cs3...but the crack disappear jo..paisei....

e-leen said...

i got the installer. CS3 needs at least 1Gb of RAM are u up for it? or u wan CS2 version?

Dann said...

phoenie: its okay i guess since it requires at least of 1gb of ram. i'll lend from eileen. =)

eileen: thanks in advance!

P.S. dear all, as a general reference, eileen is superbly good in her arts and designs. she was our designer in degree final project and our end products, impressed all our lecturers!!! take a look at her deviant art and you would definitely be amazed.
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