Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Doing Well

I guess by now you would have know...

Aint everything could be said here. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions; they have to be well kept behind these curtains. Masquerade yourself in front of the public, and when you're alone or with least people around, only could you be yourself.

It's like leading a team to complete a project. No matter how ugly the troubles got you, how monkey your members are, or how sarcastically stressed and pathetically pressured you are; you still have to be strong. You're like a lynch pin in the team, and if you fall, the rest will go down as well.

Even if you're just a crew member, you too had to be well control of your emotions. Be calm, composed and collected. For you dont want to be graded as incapable or incompetence by your comrades or captain.

I guess that's how people used to be. Always trying to portray a good impression, a perfect image of oneself. Saying everything is all right when the reality hurts; faking a smile so they wont sees.

However does it really matters?

Im not good in putting up shield of lies. So here i am... not doing well. =)

Why so serious?


e-leen said...

i didn't realise the different pricing. well i will keep u updated about the email i send to the oldtown ppl. so at the moment, we shall wait for a clarification from them.

Dann said...

Thanks. Never knew you were so efficient!!! Mail them the moment i send you the jpeg file. LOL. Guess we'll wait for them to feedback. But personal opinion, the price should be standardized.

*whispering* pss... you comment at the wrong section. =x