Monday, July 14, 2008

Anything & Whatever

I guess everyone do experience this in their life. Going out in a group of friends or as a couple, at times thirst got the better of us, and like we always do, we get a drink.

Walking into a mini market, a coffee shop, or a cafe, you would question, "What would you like to drink?". Some which are oriented, know where they're going, would just state what they want to have. While others... being indecisive, would enjoy puzzling you with, "Anything" or "Whatever".

So here the mess up part. As a couple, sometimes these simple words are much more complicated than it seems. You are expected to know what he/she wants. But i guess that wouldnt be much a problem as time goes by.

To pass the ball back to your friend, the next time they tell you "Anything" or "Whatever", you give them this!!!



Nop, you didnt got me wrong. They actually exist. Anything and Whatever are sold in 7-Eleven at the price of RM1.80 per can.

So far i've tested Anything, and it taste like anything!!! Just kidding, it taste like Pepsi, with least carbonated. As for Whatever... later i guess.

To my readers, they even have advertisement for it. Its hilarious to watch. =)

Hmm... do i get any penny for advertising this?


PhoeNie said...

haha...paisei...i prefer to say QingCai

Vince Yeoh said...

How about 'don't know'... Haha!